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We have an integral offer for those of our customers who are engaged in catering, i.e. cafeterias of schools, hospitals, sanatoriums, old people’s homes, hostels, etc.

We approach each customer individually to try to create sales conditions at their convenience. We are able to work with quantity discounts, retroactive turnover bonuses, transfer orders as well as other above-standard terms and conditions.

The core of our offer in the area of catering is the following products

Rice - Legumes

  • Rice - white, husked
  • Rice - parboiled
  • Lentils, large-grained
  • Peas, whole, split - yellow
  • Peas, whole, split - green
  • Beans, white

500 g Package

  • Vitakáva with milk (coffee substitute)
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Holland Cocoa
  • Countess
  • Kávička (original Cafe Mix 30)